Services and Solutions 

 Domain Name Registration –

Your corporate identity is important. The first step to establishing a presence in the cyberspace is to have a unique domain. A unique domain name is like your own unique address. It tells your customers and the world where to find information about your goods and services. Ghotek Technologies is an accredited registrar of NIRA (Nigerian Internet Registration Agency). We are also able to register both .ng domains and US based domain extension. You can start today to get a unique domain name which can use for both your company website and all electronic mail communication. Register your domain here

Corporate Web and Email Hosting

A corporate website is listed as one of the most important marketing tool that a company need to be successful online and offline. In addition, using a uniquely registered domain name instead of or and other free email system is a way for your clients to take you and your company seriously. Ghotek Technologies offers you the ability to have a unique web based and Outlook compatible corporate email at a price that will surprise. Get Your Business Online Here

Software Application Development

Ghotek Technologies provide custom software development services using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approach. Our experience Software and System analysts carefully gather User Requirement Specifications (URS) and Business process mapping to develop a custom or recommend a Computer Off-The-Shelve (COTS) solutions that will meet our client’s needs.